Are you looking for new Spectacle!

Are you looking for new Spectacle!

specs is style

May I help you choose the right one?

Having a right pair of Glasses is very important, as first thing if one looks at your face and can notice is your spectacle

The Eyeglasses you choose to wear are a very much part of your identity. Spectacles or referred as Eyeglasses is prescribed by your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to correct your Vision.

So they are medical device but with a lot of fashion statement to it.

That’s why I always say to all my customers –  choosing the right Spectacle is an Art.

This requires the understanding of right frame that fit your face well, compliment your facial features and your colour taste and wise selection of good Spectacle lenses in Consultation with your Lens Advisor or Optometrist that correct your Vision and meet all required Optical properties for safe & Clear Vision.

That means a good Eyeglass is a true combination of Right Frame with Right Spectacle lenses for you.

Tips to Choose Spectacle Frame

  1. Sturdy: Make sure you choose a strong and sturdy frame to hold your Spectacle lenses securely. Very much important if your refractive power is high hence lenses might be heavy &  if you are not going for high index advance material.
  2. Shape & Size: Today we have the wide range of Frame shape & size, varying from very feminine Cat Eye look to cool geek styles.

For Shape: Choose the one Which you might have already selected in your mind, before actually visiting the Optical store or you can still explore few more available options.

What I recommend is don’t look for many options, this often confuses you. Shortlist 2-3 Styles and try them on – you will select the shape that compliments more your personality.

Quick Tip: often impulsive Frame purchase with Style that is not very much your personal style lead to boredom quickly from this Frame.

Fairly Ok if you have several pairs but be Wise if you have only 1 Pair of Specs (Though I recommend having one back up always)

For Size:  You will need Help of Your Lens Consultant or Frame Stylist or An Optometrist to select the right Shape which will give just the right Coverage to your Face.

You Can find your Frame Size written on one of your Spectacle frame temples or Side Bars

As 54 □ 16 or 48 □ 18.

  1. Colour – I let this choice be with my customers only. Find the Colour you like the most.


Tips to Choose the Right Spectacle lens.

Remember Spectacle lens selection is very crucial as this is actually going to correct your Vision, not the Frame.

I don’t deny The importance of good Frame but as Consumer, you should also not ignore the value of the Good lens.

Often Seen during Glasses purchase people spend a lot of time for Frame selection and in the end quickly wrap up their purchase with Lenses which is possible in the remaining budget, as most of it is already invested in the frame.

Though I see Customers asking in detail for lenses also, & I personally feel happy about it.

One Tip to you as a consumer – Spend a good time with your Lens Advisor or an Optometrist for lens selection.

Features of Lens you need to discuss are:-

Once your refraction is completed and Eye power is finalized, your Optometrist will suggest few materials because in case of high Power – High index material is recommended to avoid thickness.

So Here is the List of Lens Features, who may want to know from your optometrist in next lens purchase

  1. Material – Ask which lens material is recommended in your Prescription and for your Frame type.

For Example: For Rimless Frames, high impact resistance materials are recommended like MR -8 or Polycarbonate.

  1. Coating – To increase Clarity and Transparency of your Lenses, Anti-reflection coating is a must-have feature.

Ask Coating type that meet your need the most.

For Example, if you are working indoors and in front of Digital Devices for Long hours with high blue light exposure, I recommend this Product


  1. Design – Ask Options of Lens Design available today that suit your profile best and meet your Vision need.

Special design for Office user or enhanced design for better driving experience is available.

  1. UV Protection – Yes not just Sunscreen lotions but your Spectacle lenses do offer UV protection.

Ask your Consultant before you finalize your Lenses.

You should also know your Vision Profile before visiting your Optician for next appointment.

Click Here! I use this tool often with my patients or Customers wanting to know more about Lenses for their lifestyle.


I am sure these are some quick tips to help you find, Right Spectacle lenses to fit in your choice of Frame and make your Glasses – ” Be like you “




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