Are your Eyes Feeling tired at the end of the Day?

Are your Eyes Feeling tired at the end of the Day?

Do you work in front of computers for long hours and has excessive use of Digital device.

computer user n blue light_Fotor

The surge of Digital devices in our life is ever increasing and with every passing day Life in modern societies is increasingly digitalized.

Workplaces are advancing with technologies – desktop & laptops are making us faster and more efficient in every possible way. All this reflect Human Evolution, but Human body takes longer to evolve.

Long working hours on Screen demand high focus and maintained gaze of the eye which adds to visual discomfort also called as Digital Eye Strain and when this is associated with Neck pain, Backache or Dry eye, It becomes an occupation Hazard referred as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Visual Demand for near work is high and in addition to this increased Blue-Violet light in our indoor environment is an additional challenge for our Eyes.

I recently met one customer who visited Optometry Clinic for his routine Eye examination and there was no Change in refraction. Though Vision was perfect with glasses, he presented symptoms which were more bothering towards the end of the day and on detailed discussion during the consultation, He shared his workplace details which were a lot like we discussed before.

I am sharing insights on this customer interaction and you may also find a solution to your Eye Needs if you share similar working environment.

Customer Profile: Mr Ravi is in his Early 30’s , Software Developer with a multinational firm.

Vision Profile : Myopic ( Near Sightendess ) for last 12 Years, good near Vision and 6/6 Visual acuity is present with Optical correction.

Vision Complaints: Vision is Good but since last 4 weeks, he has a feeling of tired eyes with heaviness towards the end of the day.

He has to focus more while reading and often feel dazzled while looking at the screen.


First Impression:  Symptoms he presented with gives an impression of Eyes experiencing Digital Eye Strain  ( which means Eye fatigue due to constant focusing while reading & Writing on the screen followed with Dazzle due to constant exposure to bright light of Screen and Artificial light indoors ( CFLs & LEDs).

Detailed Examination and Explanation.

Step 1: Repeat Eye Examination and detailed refraction to find out any change in Prescription with Binocular Vision Test

Step 2: In Case of No Change in Rx and best Visual acuity for distance, I look for Eyes accepting any power boost for near.

Add +0.50 Diopter Spherical to Both Eyes Binocularly to see Near Visual acuity.

Upon Giving additional power with mild addition for near, Mr Ravi informed increase in comfort while reading from his mobile phone while lesser effort and strain.

So this gives me understanding that to alleviate Eye Strain and enhance his end of day Visual comfort, I will recommend Lens design which includes single vision lenses with additional power for near work.

This category is called as Digital lenses and ZEISS offers a wide variety to choose with various Anti-reflection coating and design combination.

To know more: read here about ZEISS Digital lenses

Smartphones, LED light bulbs, televisions, computer monitors, tablets, e-readers … All these devices emit blue light. The emission of large quantities of blue light might cause or increase Digital Eye Strain.

Adding ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect can help to reduce Digital Eye Strain and Digital Dazzle.

The coating reduces the transmission of harmful blue light.

Final Prescription to Mr Ravi: I have dispensed – Rx:  Full distance correction with subjective verification  and  Near add of +0.50 Ds in Both Eyes

I ordered this prescription from ZEISS in ZEISS Digital lenses with Dura Vision Blue protect coating.

One 1 month follow up – Mr Ravi has shown significant improvement in Eye Strain complaint and satisfaction with New Pair of lenses.


Feel free to write or contact me, to know more about which type of lenses will match your Vision profile and gives you better Visual  Comfort and more efficiency at workplace.
















The effectiveness of ZEISS Digital Lenses has been proven in stress tests carried out with smartphone and tablet users. More than 90 % of all respondents were satisfied with the reduction in the symptoms of strained or tired eyes by a factor of 4.

Source : To know more Click Here

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