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UV Protection for Kids eyewear!

Child & UV_Fotor

Is Your Child wearing UV protected Glasses?


Did You know?   a significant part of a person’s lifetime UV exposure occurs before age 18,

If your child is diagnosed with any refractive error, and your Optometrist suggests Spectacles for Vision Correction.

I know making your child wear glasses is not so easy especially with very young ones, they will resist initially and if you can make them be comfortable with the latest accessory then helping them understand how to take right care is another session of coaching it requires.

They will tend to misplace or damage while playing often in playgrounds or in schools, I always encourage parents to keep one back up pair of specs at home.

And while selecting Frame and Lens materials, try to go for High impact resistance lens materials ( They tend to resist breakage while any force on lens happens) and polyamide or Plastics based frame materials for kids instead of a metal-based frame.

Spend time with your Optometrist during consultation for your kid’s glasses, they will suggest the right Frame materials, which tends to be hypoallergic, non-corrosive materials and show no reaction and allergy with your little ones soft and sensitive skin. When it comes to Lens materials – Of course as earlier said High impact resistance material is preferred choice but one feature which I will especially emphasize to must have in your kid’s eyeglasses is  UV protected Spectacle lens.

I am sure we all know what UV is.

UV is Ultraviolet radiation.

UV light cannot be seen by the naked eye but UV radiation may have an impact on the eye health, As it is absorbed in different parts of the eye. Although we are very much aware of UV and skin damages caused by prolonged UV exposure that is why we often put sunscreen on our kid’s face but forget to creme eye surroundings and look for Right UV protection for Eye.

 When there is no refractive error certainly sunglass or large brim hat is a relief but when already wearing spectacles, a right choice of spectacle lens for your kids can bring in UV protection for their eyes by default.

I strongly recommend – UV protection is must in every kid eyewear or Spectacles.


You can also check UV levels in the atmosphere, termed as UV index.

UV index indicates the level of UV, Higher the UV index – more is the need for UV protection.

Click here to check now in your City (http://sunburnmap.com/)

image source : (http://sunburnmap.com/)uv


Hence as parents, we should pay special attention to Selection of right eye protection for our young eyes.

According to WHO a significant part of a person’s lifetime exposure occurs before the  age of 18, & since Eye & skin tissue are sensitive and transparent, absorption is more so higher is the risk too

Few Options to have UV protection in your Lenses

  • Lens material: The standard plastic lens gives 92% protection whilst a glass lens doesn’t absorb much UV light at all, therefore providing no UV protection. Modern materials like High Index MR -8 or polycarbonate lenses provide total protection from UV.
  • Coatings: UV blocking coating is another Option and gives 100% protection against UVA, B and C, can be used on sunglasses and clear lenses
  • PhotoChromatic Lenses :  (variable tint/photochromatic) lenses provide 100% protection against UV radiation. These coatings are activated by UV light and not visible light, therefore the amount of darkening depends on temperature and sun light.
  • Tint: Brown and tan lenses provide the best protection against UV and visible light, it blocks 95% of blue light and doesn’t distort colours.

Hope you find the above information relevant and useful for your Kids eye care.


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