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How to clean your spectacle lenses || Best Tutorial

Are you a spectacle wearer!

Fingerprint marks & Smudges keep bothering you and blur your vision. Then I have a solution.

I am sharing some tips and techniques for effective cleaning of your glasses and they will stay clean for longer.

Watch this latest video!


Quick Recap

  1. Every morning before you put on your glass/spectacle rinse them with running normal temperature Tap water.
  2. Always clean your lenses with the microfiber lint free cloth also known as cleaning cloth.
  3. Always rinse your lenses before your clean them – avoid cleaning in a dry state.
  4. Use cleaning solution for rinsing – very effective on oil/moisture and smudge marks.
  5. Lens cleaning wipes ( pre-moistened) – is a good optical accessory for effective cleaning on the move.



  • Never clean your lenses directly with cloth on dry state – it will lead to more scratches, as dust trapped in between will be rubbed.


Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.

~Tom Steyer



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